How to Parent

Thriving Parenting is an exciting new way of parenting. It takes the trial and error, and much of the confusion out of raising kids.

There is a large body of research that tells us kids need three things to thrive in this modern changing world of uncertainty. These are:

Confidence, Character & Resilience

They best develop in an environment where parents purposefully adopt principles and techniques that promote these qualities. Nor do these qualities develop independently of each other.

The development of one impacts on the others. When kids develop a greater sense of self-confidence they usually behave better and they are more likely to bounce back from setbacks, particularly social injustices.


Confident kids take more learning risks and are likely to challenge themselves more than kids who are low on confidence. They are less likely to place limits on themselves or their achievements. Confidence is so crucial today as so many kids are anxious and fear failure.


Character refers to the attitudes and behaviours a child develops that maximise his or her success.  Character is about doing what's right, not what's easy!


Children need to be resilient. They need to be able to bounce back from life’s bigger and smaller setbacks. Resilience is linked with good mental health habits and also with a child’s success.

The Thriving! approach gives parents the tools and strategies you need to bring out these three vital ingredients.

For more information about the Thriving! approach check out the Parentingideas Club - your online parenting manual.
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